Comparison: American Debt Enders vs DebtWave

American Debt Enders and DebtWave are two companies that will help people eliminate their debts. Each company has its own strategies and one company may be better for one particular situation than the other. Those in debt will need to compare debt relief services to discern which company is the best choice for their needs.

American Debt Enders logo VS DebtWave logo

How American Debt Enders Can Eliminate Debt

American Debt Enders has three different options for people who are in debt or have had financial difficulties in the past. If you are currently in debt, American Debt Enders can help eliminate those debts with a debt consolidation program that will lower your interest rates and your monthly fees. This company can also place those with significant debts in a debt settlement program that is handled legally by attorneys.

If you have a low credit score because of your past debts, you may need help improving your credit situation. American Debt Enders can be of help in this area as well with the Credit Restoration Program. This service increases your credit score in much less time than the seven years it would take for negative items to be removed naturally.

What Is Unique About DebtWave

DebtWave is a company where you will receive a complete evaluation of your debt situation. The counselors take the time to know what you need to accomplish, how you feel about your debts and your attitudes about money. Then, DebtWave counselors can present their debt relief options to you and the advantages and disadvantages of each. The counselors will, of course, inform you which program they believe would be the best for eliminating their debts.

When you compare debt relief and choose DebtWave, you will be able to participate in a debt consolidation program but you can also obtain debt counseling. With the DebtWave consolidation program, you will receive more than just lower interest rates because your counselors will also help you set up a budget and be debt-free in three to five years.

The Comparison

As you compare debt relief companies, it becomes clear that one company spends much more time with its clients on counseling than the other. DebtWave is the company that can relieve you of your debts as well as offer you the education about debt that you need. The one advantage that American Debt Enders has over DebtWave is that American Debt Enders has the credit restoration option.

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