Interview with Certified Credit Counselor Steven Ciantro

American Debt Enders logoSteven Ciantro, a certified credit counselor and management representative at American Debt Enders who also writes for the Top 1% Club, recently took a small interview with Debt Relief Programs to tell us more about American Debt Enders and what he believes are the most important steps in debt relief.

Steven managed to build up a fortune in his young years, but then lost it all and had to begin from scratch again. Back in those days, he sought advice with some debt experts and quickly discovered that they would just get him into even more debt. Steven and his wife managed to get out of their problems, and decided to help other people in financially difficult situations with good, honest advice. After getting a job in a national non-profit in 2004, and working his way up to Regional Manager very quickly Steven was on his way to helping people for a living.

What sets American Debt Enders apart from the other debt relief companies?

We are very different, in that we were one of the first companies to utilize a business model in which we do not handle any processing nor do we ever take any money from a consumer. Rather, we represent what we feel are among the best Attorneys, and Processors (usually non-profits) that do interact with creditors and do process payments on a contract basis. This approach is intentional, as it allows us to truly find a best solution to a consumer’s problems.

Can you share some key numbers about your company?

We service the entire country via telephone, except for state restrictions. We compete against the largest companies in the US, and yet are much smaller.

How do you think American Debt Enders will evolve in the future?

This is a great question. We would like to provide some income solutions to consumers after they become debt free. In today’s economy many consumers are realistically looking at ways to get increased incomes, perhaps using the Internet, and coming out of the daily grind of a conventional job. We are looking for ways of pointing consumers in the right direction.

How do you calculate savings estimates thanks to your debt settlement programs?

Savings estimates are always calculated by the Attorneys actually doing the work of settling, as they are on the front lines, because of their experience with creditors, they can realistically project what type of settlement a creditor is willing to enter into. We always pass the information along to the consumer in advance, before they sign an agreement.

According to you, what should be the first step in settling your debt?

Unless you know what you are doing, leave it to the professionals.

Why should consumers choose American Debt Enders for debt relief?

We are always there for them. We do not disappear after the client enrolls and is talking to their Attorney. This is important, as there is always that moment of tension in a settlement program. Sometimes, as the program moves along the consumer needs some handholding. We are happy to provide it.

What golden advice would you like to give to people currently in debt?

The best thing anyone in debt can do, is face up to the problem, and look at all the available options.

Debt Relief Programs is very proud to have this interview with Steven, and would like to thank him for doing this Q&A with us. Be sure to check us in the coming weeks for more interviews with debt experts!

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