Interview with The CuraDebt Team

Logo of CuraDebt.comFor our series of interviews with debt relief companies, we had the honor to interview Paul and the rest of the CuraDebt team. The interview gives us some valuable information on debt settlement, and how to carefully deal with the situation in the beginning. The team at CuraDebt has years of experience in the industry and is still one of the best-known and experienced teams in the league.

What motivated your company’s founders to get into this business?

Our company began because we were not happy with the lack of options that were being given to clients. We found that the clients’ best interests were not being served, instead, clients were being pushed into whatever programs the companies sold, and if they weren’t willing to accept that specific program, they were turned away by call center staff looking to make the next big sale.

What sets CuraDebt apart from the other debt relief companies?

Negotiating debt settlementWe offer a wide range of programs, across the USA and work exclusively with attorney backed debt relief providers. We’ve built a network of debt negotiators and law specialists in almost every city and state of the US in order to meet different customers their needs and situations. Our goal is to find the best service that serves our clients needs, and those are not just words. We don’t operate a huge call center of 50+ staff, and this is by choice. Our Debt Counselors have been hand selected from various Debt Relief Companies, purely based upon their extensive knowledge, and their genuine interest in assisting clients to overcome their issues that they are facing with debt in their lives.

Can you share some key numbers about your company?

The team that founded CuraDebt began in 1996 providing debt settlement services on behalf of individuals and small businesses. In 2000, the company started providing debt settlement services nationwide.

How do you calculate savings estimates? What are the main factors you take into account?

Savings will depend on who your creditors are, how delinquent your debt is, what state you live in, the type of purchases, cash advances or balance transfers, and your current financial hardship. If you qualify, you may be able to get out of debt a lot faster than you would when paying minimum pay off on a monthly basis. The team of debt negotiators that we will select for you will do everything possible to get the lowest settlements.

Why should consumers choose CuraDebt for debt relief?

A happy family with no debtThanks to our years of experience, we have managed to build a network of some of the best law firms in the US. Our negotiators also know exactly how to deal with the different creditors. The model of our company is built in such a way that the negotiator gets paid more if he/she manages to get the best deal possible for you. We are also more than happy to work on a solution that suits your needs and preferences the most.

What golden advice would you like to give to people currently in debt?

Consult an expert and make an informed decision, because choosing the wrong partner to settle your debt may get you in a situation that’s far worse than the one you were initially in. Make sure you know what your debt situation is, and do thorough research before you decide on which debt settlement program you’re going to use.

Our thanks go to the CuraDebt team that took the time to do this interview with us, and helped us get more insights on how their company works and what they recommend us to do when in debt.

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