Putting an End to Debt Collection Calls

Receiving debt collection callsIf you are a consumer who has fallen into a hole of overwhelming debt, the last thing you want to deal with is collection calls. Collection calls are those annoying calls from the creditors just to remind you that you owe them money. Creditor phone calls can cause more stress to you as you worry about the next payment date. The added stress can make it more difficult for you to handle the bills that you already have on your plate. Therefore, it might be wise for you to come up with a solution that will stop the annoying calls so you can find your way back to financial health.

Your Rights as a Debtor

The FTC or the Federal Trade Commission protects all consumers against creditor harassment. This organization also protects debtors from credit repair schemes scams. As a consumer, you have a right not to be harassed by creditors as long as you are enrolled in a program geared to better your financial standings. If you are working with the creditors on getting the balances paid, then there is no reason for them to make contact with you. Additionally, the program you are enrolled in should show improvement in your credit score over time.

Debt Relief Solutions

Several debt relief plans are available so that you can stop those annoying creditor calls. Debt management is one course of action you can take to relieve some stress. With a debt management plan, a debt management company pays all your monthly creditor bills. They take a lump sum payment from you every month and deal with the creditors for you. Once you are enrolled in a debt management plan, the creditors will not call you anymore, as they will be working with your case manager. Your case manager will also negotiate with the creditors to try to get your interest rate lowered.

Debt consolidation is another avenue you can take. This method of debt relief is better if you are still above water with your bills. Lenders will give you a large loan so that you can merge your accounts into one monthly payment. Having only one monthly payment might make it easier for you to make payment.

Several options are available to stop the credit calls immediately. If all else fails, you still have the bankruptcy option. Once you file for bankruptcy, creditors must cease harassment immediately.

Top 3 Debt Relief Programs