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The name says it all for this company. American Debt Enders is in the business of doing just that, ending unmanageable consumer debts. It doesn’t matter where people are in the process of finding a solution to their debts. They could have just begun to have difficulties making their payments, or they could be ready to file for bankruptcy. American Debt Enders can help people reduce their debts before they need to take more drastic measures. It is also capable of taking people through the process of bankruptcy if this is their only option.

After people find the solution to their debt problems, they may find that their credit scores are much lower than they would like them to be. American Debt Enders expanded its operations into helping people improve their credit scores. They also have a program for helping people learn about settlement and other financial matters with credit counseling over the phone on 866-789-9080. They also see it as their task to help you build up increased incomes after you’ve become debt free.

Services provided by American Debt Enders

Of the many services American Debt Enders offers, personal debt management is one of them. Clients receive a lower interest rate, a removal of late fees from their balances and they are out of debt in five years or less. The positive thing is that this program does not negatively affect people’s credit scores.

Clients may also choose debt settlement. If they learn during the process that they will be required to appear in court over their debts, American Debt Enders will offer them legal representation with some of the best attorneys and processors (usually non-profit ones) that they can find. They can also help them find the best debt consolidation loan.

Price Structure

The initial consultations are always free. After people decide on a program, they will be charged fees based on their own situations. The amount charged depends on how much the client owes as well as the type of debt solution they have chosen.

Before people sign up for a program, they can check American Debt Enders out for any complaints that may have been lodged against them with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Customer Service

American Debt Enders makes it easy and inexpensive for people to contact them by offering the toll-free number 866-789-9080. They may also use their computers for a live chat or to communicate by email.

Benefits of American Debt Enders

Many debt settlement companies exist, but what is unique about American Debt Enders is the fact that it has the capacity to help people handle a lawsuit a creditor files against them.

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American Debt Enders
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