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National Debt Relief is a company that promises to make people’s lives easier. They will take over everything that is causing their clients stress and leave them with the ability to enjoy their lives again. They can make these statements because they are a debt relief company that helps people reduce their debts with various programs. Whatever their clients require, they will be able to suggest a solution. National Debt Relief can help people with several types of unsecured debts, and gives free consultations to elaborate a debt relief plan specifically for your situation. By calling 1-888-978-5586, you can request a free analysis of your financial situation.

They specialize in settling business debts, credit card debt, personal loans and medical bills. Unfortunately, they are not prepared to help people with other types of debts, such as those related to lawsuits, back taxes, utility bills, auto loans, student loans and other secured debts. The company offers itself as the option for those who believe that bankruptcy is currently their only solution.

Services Provided by National Debt Relief

National Debt Relief assists people with their debts with debt settlement, a process where the company will reduce its clients’ balances. People qualify for this service if they have at least $7,500 in credit card debt. In order to help them obtain a monthly payment that they can afford to pay, the company negotiates with the creditors for a lower balance. With a lower balance, the monthly payment is lower and the terms of the loan are much shorter.

Price Structure

The program requires a monthly payment that people will need to pay once the company succeeds in reducing the balances on the debts. The advantage of working with this company is that the clients and the company negotiate to determine the monthly payment the client can afford to apply toward the program before negotiations with creditors begin. The company’s fees vary by state and will be included in this low monthly payment. You are able to begin the program without being required to pay any fees up front by contacting their debt experts through their site or by calling 1-888-978-5586.

Benefits of National Debt Relief

National Debt Relief uses its website to help people understand financial issues better. For example, the company has an entire page on the website that thoroughly explains how credit scores work.

Customer Service

People have several ways they can contact customer service. If they are ready to begin, they can fill out the form on National Debt Relief’s website to start right away. They can also contact someone by telephone on the number 1-888-978-5586 until 11:00 at night on weekdays, by mail or by email.