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ZipDebt is a company that helps people with debt settlement, but it does it in a different manner than people may expect. With ZipDebt, people will be introduced to the concept of do it yourself debt settlement. People in debt that are ready to be taught how to perform debt settlement duties on their own have found the right place in visiting ZipDebt’s website. ZipDebt wants to help people with do it yourself debt settlement because it can be the most advantageous way of reducing debts. With this company’s training, its clients save a lot of money on fees that other debt settlement companies charge. When debt settlement companies begin to contact a client’s creditors, these creditors, sometimes, become annoyed with the process. An annoyed creditor can mean that the debt settlement process will not have the results the client would like. With ZipDebt’s coaching, people in debt can avoid irritating their creditors and, possibly, obtain a better outcome for themselves.

Services provided by ZipDebt

ZipDebt provides one-on-one coaching from someone who is an expert in the field of debt settlement. The company offers people several different types of training materials that help them learn how to successfully negotiate with their creditors for lower balances. With the training courses, students receive an audio/CD seminar on debt settlement. The company also mails them examples of the letters and forms they will need and a workbook.

Price Structure

The price is the best part of this program. It was developed to give people an affordable option for debt settlement that costs much less than the debt settlement companies are charging. The Premium Package is $777, and the Enhanced Package is priced at $397. If people need to make two payments, they can!

Customer Service

The customer service can only be described as exceptional for ZipDebt. After people have a chance to review their course materials, they are entitled to receive a call from someone who will make sure that they can create a strategy that will be specific to their situations.

If people need extra coaching, they will receive it for 12 months on the premium program or six months on the enhanced program by either telephone or email.

Benefits of ZipDebt

Clients are never left to their own devices after they study the course materials because they receive extra help by telephone. If they need help understanding a document, they are welcome to fax it to the company who will help them interpret it.